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School Play


Cast and Crew for "Curse You Otis Crummy!"


Back Row: Director Nicole Eaton, Audrey Smith, Ava Newell, Zak Eaton, Adley Mayo, Simon Stewart, Tayah Scott, Miles Newell, Beth Morrow, Director Quinci Hiedeman

Front Row: Colt Schmidt, Sara Townsend, Caleb Boone, Keelen Eaton, Makayla Gore, Tristin Owen, Bryony Strecansky, Robert Willard


miles and ava


Brother and sister Miles and Ava Newell as Banker Goofus Birdsong and Effie Frump


save cheerful


Tayah Scott as Tangerine Souffle and Zak Eaton as Otis Crummy attempt to persuade Cheerful Goody (Adley Mayo) to give up her will and inherit her fortune.


bad guys caught


Keelen Eaton as Sherriff Maud catches the crooks Tangerine Souffle (Tayah Scott), Diabolical Bill (Caleb Boone), Old Mother Hubbard (Sara Townsend), and Effie Frump (Ava Newell).




Real McCoy (Simon Stewart) saves Cheerful Goody (Adley Mayo), the girl of his dreams.