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Scholars Bowl

Welcome to the Caldwell High School
Scholars Bowl Members Website

The purpose of this website is to post relevant information pertaining to Scholars Bowl competitions for the members of Caldwell High School Scholars Bowl Team. Members can access the rules and regulations, examine current events, and study information from the various academic fields. 

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Scholars Bowl Header

2019-2020 HS Scholars Bowl Team Photo

2019-20 HS Scholars
(back row) Kenneth Willard, Kyzer Hutsler, Jacelyn Brown, Teagan Thompson,
Allorah Caruthers, Thomas Halbert, Mr. Greenlee, sponsor
(third row) Danielia Avalos, Sam Eaton, Alexis Carroll, Jace Baker,
Carley Weir, Brody Boone, Priscilla Fox-Rauch, Tatum Lee
(second row) Trey Strnad, Titus Lee, Nikki Shafer, Billie Shaffer,
Chloe Ferris, Andrea Arnett, Katrina Dvorak, Jadon Brown, Will Barnes
(front row) Alex Jones, Lucy Schneider, L.A. Thompson, Abi Schmidt, Caleb Noyes, Sonya Cooper
(not pictured) Carson Ediger, Anniston Lee

2019 HS Var SB League Champs

2019 HS Varsity Scholars Bowl League Champions – 1st Place
Sammie Strnad, Sophee Sprague, Corbin Rice, Dylan Schmidt, L.A. Thompson, Kassidy Bruey

2019 HS JV SB League Champs

2019 HS Scholars Bowl Junior Varsity League Champions – 1st Place
Carley Weir, Katrina Dvorak, Jadon Brown, Brody Boone, Will Barnes, T.K. Maforo

2018-19 Scholars Bowl Team

2018-19 HS Scholars
(back row) Mr. Greenlee, sponsor
(4th row) Jenna Sturm, Sam Eaton, Trey Strnad, Alex Jones, Brody Boone,
Billie Shaffer, Alyssa Prock, Carley Weir, Titus Lee, L.A. Thompson, Jadon Brown
(3rd row) Caydon Rollow, Sammie Strnad, Chase Butler, Jace Baker, Debra Halbert,
Carson Ediger, Ivy Berline, Danielia Avalos, Dallas Mayo, Nicole Shafer, Will Barnes
(2nd row) Sophee Sprague, Katrina Dvorak, Dawson Bristor, Gwydion Lamb, Abi Schmidt,
Lucy Schneider, Delaney Mayo, Kassidy Bruey, Caleb Wilson, T.K. Maforo
(1st row) Chloe Ferris, Andrea Arnett, Kari Dvorak, Shingai Maforo, Tatum Lee,
Alexis Carroll, Rylee Baker, Corbin Rice, Marshall Ward, Dylan Schmidt, Katie Jo Schmidt
(not pictured) Jalen Risley


2018 HS Scholars Bowl State Championship Team

2018 HS Scholars Bowl State Championship Team – 4th Place
Madalyn McCabe, Justin Brown (captain), Tania Rivadulla, Jaryn Halling, Dylan Schmidt
[not pictured] Adrian Arnett (alternate)


2018 HS Scholars Bowl Regional Championship Team

2018 HS Scholars Bowl Regional Championship Team – 1st Place
Dylan Schmidt, Madalyn McCabe, Jaryn Halling, Tania Rivadulla, Justin Brown (captain)
[not pictured] Adrian Arnett (alternate)


2017-18 HS Scholars Bowl Team

2017-18 HS Scholars

(back row) Jenna Sturm, Grant Reed, Courtney Hall, T.K. Maforo, Paytn Dvorak, Jaryn Halling, 
Jalen Risley, Shingai Maforo, Tania Rivadulla, Rylee Baker, Will Barnes, Madalyn McCabe
(middle row) Sophee Sprague, Caleb Wilson, Justin Brown, Samantha Strnad, 
Dakota Volavka, Trey Strnad, Corbin Rice, Dylan Schmidt, Carson Ediger
(front row) Mr. Wayne Greenlee, Jadon Brown, L.A. Thompson, Ivy Berline, 
Billie Shaffer, Sonya Cooper, Kathryn Hall, Alex Jones, Adrian Arnett
(not pictured) Daniel Barnes, Jacob Dick, Caydon Rollow, Nicole Shafer


2016-17 HS Scholars Bowl Team

2016-17 HS Scholars

(4th row) LA Thompson, Dakota Volavka, Corbin Rice, Carson Ediger
(3rd row) Sammie Strnad, Lucy Schneider, Andrew Dent, Adrian Arnett, 
Lydia Stewart, Jaryn Halling, Justin Brown, Jacob Dick
(2nd row) Paytn Dvorak, Alexis Vanek, Katy Hall, Alex Jones, Sonja Cooper,
Katie McCabe, Maddie McCabe, Daniel Barnes, Ivy Berline
(1st row) Mr. Wayne Greenlee, Caleb Wilson, Rylee Baker, Sophee Sprague,
Shingai Maforo, Keeley Roop, Jalen Risley, Dylan Schmidt


2015-16 HS Scholars Bowl Team

2015-16 HS Scholars

(back row) Lane York, Jaryn Halling, Maddie McCabe, Katie McCabe, Justin Brown, Keeley Roop
(middle row) Caleb Wilson, Adrian Arnett, Lydia Stewart, Sammie Strnad, Ross Kuehny
(front row) Dylan Schmidt, Jacob Dick, Jalen Risley, Paytn Dvorak, Corbin Rice, Kyler Bruey
(not pictured) Hunter Lile


2014-15 HS Scholars

(Seniors) Katlin Ewing, Kelie Frenette, Jesse McCabe, Isaac Stewart
(Juniors) Autumn Ferris, Ross Kuehny, Sydnee Sprague, Lane York
(Sophomores) Katie McCabe, Keeley Roop, Audree Sprague, Lydia Stewart, Chloe Townsend, Mariah Ward
(Freshmen) Adrian Arnett, Justin Brown, Jaryn Halling, Maddie McCabe

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