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Caldwell Secondary School to Receive Bayer Fund Grant

Posted Date: 09/16/2020

Caldwell Secondary School to Receive Bayer Fund Grant




By Working with Farmers, Bayer Fund Invests in Children by Strengthening Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education in Rural Schools 

• Bayer Fund’s $15,000 America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant will help fund Caldwell Secondary School to purchase a CNC machine. 

• School districts from across the country were nominated and selected by a panel of teachers and farmers to receive STEM grants through Grow Rural Education. 

• Since 2010, Bayer Fund’s America’s Farmers programs have awarded more than $57 million to thousands of nonprofits, schools and ag students across rural America. 

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (August 2020) – In early 2020, Bayer Fund’s America’s Farmers Grow Rural 

Education partnered with local farmers to nominate rural public school districts and award grants to 

enhance their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum. Because area farmers 

answered the call, through Grow Rural Education, Bayer Fund awarded a $15,000 grant to Caldwell 

Secondary School located in Caldwell, Kansas. 

A brighter tomorrow for farming communities starts with a commitment from Bayer Fund today, 

which is why the America’s Farmers programs have awarded more than $57 million to rural America since 

2010. USD 360 Caldwell Schools is one of the many schools across the country that has benefited from 

Bayer Fund’s Grow Rural Education program. 

Grow Rural Education grants have helped schools purchase an array of STEM-related materials, 

such as augmented-reality sandboxes, weather-forecasting and robotics equipment. USD 360 Caldwell 

Schools will use the Grow Rural Education funds to purchase a new CNC machine that can be used to 

expand the CTE Project Based Learning and the school’s General Store project that was started last 


“As educators, we are constantly thinking of new ways to engage our students and help them 

realize the importance of STEM skills now and in the future,” said Alan Jamison, school superintendent. 

“We would like to thank the local farmers who nominated our district to apply for the Grow Rural 

Education Grant, as well as Bayer Fund’s Farmer Advisory Council who believed we could make a 

difference with the funds.” 

To qualify for a Grow Rural Education grant, farmers nominate a public school district to compete 

for a merit-based $15,000 grant. School districts that are nominated, then submit a grant application 

describing their STEM-focused project. Grow Rural Education’s Farmer Advisory Council, consisting of a 

panel of math and science teachers and approximately 30 farmer leaders from across the country, review 

the finalist applications and select the winning school districts, including USD 360 Caldwell Schools. 

“Bayer Fund and the farmers we partner with feel incredibly passionate about Grow Rural 

Education because we’re investing in our children – who are our future – by enhancing STEM learning in 

rural public school districts,” said Al Mitchell, President, Bayer Fund. “We are always amazed by the 

incredible support of local farmers, as well as the countless ways Grow Rural Education brings teachers, 

students and people in the community together to set children up for success.” 

To view a complete list of winners or to learn more about the America’s Farmers Grow Rural 

Education program, visit or follow along on Facebook at Farmers are also encouraged to participate in Bayer Fund’s America’s 

Farmers Grow Communities program, which is accepting farmer enrollments through November 1, 2020. 

Grow Communities protects the programs and institutions that keep farmers and their communities 

thriving by allowing farmers to enroll for a chance to direct a $2,500 donation to their favorite local eligible 

nonprofit organization. 

About America’s Farmers 

America’s Farmers, sponsored by Bayer Fund, is focused on strengthening rural America through three 

community outreach programs that partner with farmers to make an impact in communities where farmers 

live and work. The programs have given more than $57 million to rural America since 2010 and include: 

• America’s Farmers Grow Communities supports rural communities by allowing farmers the 

opportunity to direct a $2,500 donation to their favorite local nonprofit organization. 

• America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education supports rural education by providing $15,000 merit- 

based grants to enhance STEM education. 

• America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders supports students pursuing ag-related studies by offering 

$1,500 scholarships towards higher education. 

To learn more, visit America’s Farmers at 

About Bayer Fund 

Bayer Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the communities where Bayer 

customers and employees live and work by providing funding for food and nutrition, education and 

community development projects.