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Welcome Back to School

Welcome back to school!  This is my first year being full-time here and I am so excited to spend this school year helping your child stay healthy so they can get the most out of learning from our great staff at USD 360!    Back to school time can be very hectic for families so I wanted to help give some tips to get this year off to a great start and let you know all that I’m here to help with: 

Back to School Checklist: 

  • Confirm all required and recommended immunizations and be sure we have a copy

  • School physicals or sports physicals if necessary (if you aren’t sure, I can answer that)

  • Encourage and review good handwashing techniques in your household

  • Establish a consistent bedtime and wake-up routine to make sure your student is getting adequate sleep

If your child has health concerns/needs:

  • Inform me- I am more than willing to help keep your child healthy, I want to make sure the communication lines are open so if you have any questions or concerns please talk to me.

  • If medications are to be given during the school day:

    • I need a form signed by a healthcare provider AND parent/guardian to allow me to administer this.  This goes for all medications, including over-the-counter

    • Parent/guardian needs to bring medication in its original container with the matching pharmacy label adhered.  Please bring this medication directly to me.

What I’m here for:

  • Provide preventative, urgent, and emergent care

  • Monitor, assess, and provide necessary interventions for chronic health conditions per provider orders

  • Develop and implement Individualized Healthcare Plans

  • Administer medications per provider orders

  • Maintain health records for students

  • Train & delegate staff to meet the needs of students and staff

  • Oversee hearing, vision, and dental screenings

  • Assist families to locate health resources in our community

To prevent the spread of illnesses throughout the year, please keep your child home if: 

  • Temp greater than 100.0.  Student may not return to school until fever is less than 100.0 for 24 hours.  

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea 


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I look forward to a great and healthy school year with your child at USD 360! 


Jordan Sadler, RN

(620) 845-2585