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Daily Schedule

owlThird Grade Schedule

7:50~Students enter the room and get prepared for the day by sharpening pencils and getting materials ready for other classes.




Monday Rotation:

9:15-10:20~3rd-science        5th-math        4th-reading

12:20-1:30~4th-science        3rd-math        5th-reading

Tuesday and Wednesday Rotation:

8:10-9:30~3rd-science         5th-math        4th-reading

12:15-1:30~4th-science         3rd-math        5th-reading

Thursday Rotation:

8:55-9:40~3rd-science         5th-math        4th-reading

9:45-10:25~4th-science        3rd-math        5th-reading

Friday Rotation:

8:10-9:20~3rd-science         5th-math        4th-reading

9:20-10:20~ART w/Miss Kuehny

12:20-1:30~4th-science        3rd-math        5th-reading

3rd grade schedule: 

 8:10-8:55~Reading/Language Arts/Spelling (Thursday)

        9:30-10:20~Reading/Language Arts/Spelling  (Tuesday and Wednesday)




        11:35-12:20~Reading/Language Arts/Spelling (everyday)


                2:15-3:00~Social Studies/Handwriting

                3:00-3:30~MTSS for 3rd/4th/5th/

                        3:32~Dismissal Monday-Thursday   2:23~Dismissal on Friday

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