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Remote Learning Update - 11/18/2020

Posted Date: 11/18/2020



November 18, 2020


Today the school received confirmation that there was a positive COVID test in the secondary building. Once we were notified, we went into a modified quarantine to maintain safety and the possible spread. This will also allow for contact tracing if needed in the future. If your child was identified as a direct contact, you will be notified by the health department.


With this being said, all middle school students will be doing remote learning from Thursday, November 19th through Tuesday, November 24th.  They will need to log on to zoom or google meet with their teachers to participate in their learning. On Thursday they will meet at the regularly scheduled class times and log in with every teacher. On Monday and Tuesday, they will need to follow the schedule below.


All students 6th-12th grade will be learning remotely Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th due to staffing and COVID issues.


If your child would like to receive lunch and breakfast on any of these days, please contact the office by 9am and you will be able to pick up the grab and go meal outside at 11am.


Middle school students were told at the end of the day that they will be learning remotely. They should have everything they need to make this possible. Attendance is still mandatory and all students need to be present hourly.


Monday Schedule                   Tuesday Schedule

Nest hour 12-12:45                 4th hour 12-12:45

1st hour 1-1:45                        5th hour 1-1:45

2nd hour 2-2:45                       6th hour 2-2:45

3rd hour 3-3:45                                    7th hour 3-3:45


Teachers will be available to help with any needs in the mornings.


Please monitor your children and check for symptoms. Thank you.



Aaron Roop

Caldwell Secondary Principal