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USD 360 Caldwell Schools Reopening Guide

Posted Date: 08/11/2020

We all want to bring students back to school into our buildings for on-site learning. The experiences that many have been accustomed to for years, building relationships, meeting new people, making new friends, along with some of our traditions that we have in our buildings, may not be able to continue in exactly the same ways if we do not have all of our students attending school on-site. The primary goal of USD 360 is to get students and staff back into a school setting while also providing a quality education, promoting health and safety, and mitigating the risk for everyone who is part of our school community. This plan was created with having all students return to the buildings while also keeping students’ physical and mental health in mind. With this goal in mind, the purpose of this document is to outline safety procedures that all students, staff, and school community members must follow while on school property. In an effort to remain vigilant in mitigating the outbreak of COVID-19, the following prevention, preparedness, and response procedures will be in place. We have many items that we are trying to include in our plan due to current state laws, rules, and guidelines. Should any of those laws, rules, or guidelines change, we will continue to review our plan and update or modify if possible. It is our hope that we do not allow personal ideals to divide us.  The full guide document can be viewed here.