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Wayne Greenlee

Pointing Finger Look here for the announcements.

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College Prep English 10/11 web button link Career Tech English 10/11
    M-Th 8:30-9:25 ; F 8:30-9:10
  Career Tech English 10/11 web button link

College Prep English 10/11
    M-Th 1:45-2:40 ;
    F 12:41-1:29

Composition I/II web button link English Composition I/II
    M-Th 9:28-10:23 ; F 9:13-9:53
  College Speech web button link College Speech (Fall)
    M-Th 2:43-3:38 ; F 1:32-2:21
English 9 web button link English 9
    M-Th 10:26-11:21 ; F 9:56-10:36
  Forensics web button link Forensics (Spring)
    M-Th 2:43-3:38 ; F 1:32-2:21
English 12 web button link English 12
    M-Th 11:24-11:47 / 12:17-12:44 ;
    F 10:39-11:19





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Wayne Greenlee

Back To School

I want to personally welcome my students back this year. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want EVERYONE to be safe. Please wear a mask while in the building, keep social distancing a priority, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer as needed, and be cautious to stay healthy. 

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