School Closings & Notifications

School Closings & Notification


Closing school is often a difficult decision to make.  The administration keeps the students’ educational needs and the safety of students, parents, and staff members in mind when considering closing school.  The district takes into consideration the amount of snowfall/ice accumulation, current and potential road conditions, temperature forecasts, the safety of all of our students being transported ,  and the condition of the school parking lots and sidewalks around the building when calling off school.


We will try and give as much notice as possible when making a decision on cancelling school, but we often run into weather forecasts that don’t allow for evening before notification.  The plan is to try and make a decision by 6:00 AM that day after talking with other district personnel, emergency management officials, and superintendents from surrounding districts.


If it necessary to close school for any emergency reason including bad weather, to begin late, or dismiss early, notifications can be found on:

  • Radio station KLEY in Wellington 1130 AM and 93.5 FM
  • TV station KWCH channel 12
  • TV station KAKE channel 10
  • TV station KSNW channel 3.


Messages will also be delivered though the School Messenger automated phone system and the Textcaster notification system to your cell phone if you are registered. Closing information will be posted on the school district website , on the district Facebook page, and through the district’s Twitter account.


Notification will begin as soon as the decision has been made along with specific explanations.  School closings will be made through the district office administration.