The mission of the student athletics program at Caldwell Middle/High School is to provide the opportunity for each student to develop both talent and an appreciation for participation in a wide variety of areas through competition and other worth while cultural and social activities.

We believe the student activity program is supportive of the academic mission of the school.  The educational objectives of our activity programs are:
1. To promote lifetime healthful living by imparting respect for the human body.
2. To provide physical, cultural, and curricular activities that address the human need to belong, to be recognized, and to associate with others.
3.  To develop the personal qualities of self-discipline, self-reliance, self esteem, and perseverance.
4.  To develop both leaders and followers by providing variety, interest and excitement to the school program.
5.  To develop a knowledge of the basic skills and rules of a variety of individual and team sports and games that might be of recreational value later in life.

It is the intent of USD 360 School Staff to provide our students with positive learning experiences that contribute to the following:
a. teamwork and cooperation
b. a sense of accomplishment
c.sportsmanship and fair play
d.learning how to cope with difficulty
e. development of positive social activity
f. a sense of belong
g. an interest in school
h. a student’s identity
i. student enjoyment and personal satisfaction