1st Annual Elementary Quiz Bowl

The third, fourth, and fifth grade students are excited to compete in the first ever quiz bowl this afternoon at 2:00.  Eight teams will compete in a double elimination tournament.  Each team consists of a mix of all the grades and the questions come from the following categories:  Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Popular Culture and Current Events.

The objective of the event is to encourage healthy competition in academics and increase student participation.

Students are not penalized for incorrect answers. The only exception is when a student interrupts the moderator before  the question is read completely. Only the first team to supply the correct answer will be awarded points and only one attempt for team is allowed.  Students must be recognized upon buzzing before answering a question to receive points.

At the end of the event, one team will be crowned the Champion of 2018.  We encourage the public to come watch our young Bluejay Brainiacs in the competition and hope for this to be a tradition for many years to come.


Project Leader and Moderator

Kyane Berline