HS Math Relays Results

Caldwell High School hosted their annual math relays on Tuesday, November 7.  The eight schools competing were: Caldwell, Cedar Vale, Dexter, Flinthills, Sedan, South Haven, Udall, and West Elk.  Medals were awarded for the top three spots.  Points were awarded to the top five spots in individual divisions and to the top six team divisions.  West Elk won the math relays and Flinthills was the runner-up.


Individuals placing in the top ten for Caldwell were as follows:

9th Grade Division

Will Barnes – 10th in Laws of Exponents

Jadon Brown – 10th in Area/Perimeter/Volume

Chloe Ferris – 7th in Polynomial Operations

Courtney Hall – 5th in Polynomial Operations

TK Maforo – 2nd in Laws of Exponents

Grant Reed – 10th in Graphing

Nicole Shafer – 1st in Polynomial Factoring

Billie Shaffer – 7th in Word Problems

Emma Sturm – 3rd in Calculator Computations

Kylie Townsend – 6th in Equations/Inequalities


10th Grade Division

Ivy Berline – 7th in Systems

Carson Ediger – 4th in Equations/Inequalities, 10th in Polynomials

Tori Lewellen – 6th in Systems

Delaney Mayo – 8th in Equations/Inequalities

Caleb Noyes – 7th in Number Sense

Caydon Rollow – 8th in Polynomials, 9th in Number Sense

Lucy Schneider – 1st in Graphing


11th Grade Division

Kassidy Bruey – 4th in Trigonometry, 7th in Word Problems

Megg Lebeda – 5th in Graphing/Functions, 9th in Calculator Computations

Corbin Rice – 9th in Word Problems

Sophee Sprague – 2nd in Equations/Inequalities

Dylan Schmidt – 4th in  Number Sense

Katie Jo Schmidt – 5th in Calculator Computations, 5th in Rational/Irrational, 9th in Geometry

Sammie Strnad – 1st in Equations/Inequalities

LA Thompson – 7th in Number Sense (as a sophomore!)

Katie Townsend – 7th in Geometry

Tylyn Ward – 4th in Graphing/Functions, 8th in Trigonometry


12th Grade Division

Adrian Arnett – 5th in Probability & Statistics, 6th in Calculator Computations, 6th in

Graphing/Functions, 7th in Trigonometry

Justin Brown – 5th in Calculator Computations

Suzy Hagar – 9th in Geometry (as a junior!)

Jaryn Halling – 4th in Potpourri, 6th in Number Sense

Madalyn McCabe – 3rd in Equations/Inequalities, 7th in Word Problems



The team composed of  Lucy, Delaney, and Ivy placed 6th in the Algebra 2 Team test.  The team composed of Madalyn, Sammie, and Justin placed 3rd in the Senior Team Test.


Jacob Webster, Abi Schmidt, Trey Strnad, Jenna Sturm, and Christian Ward also participated.  Kate Barnes is the math relays sponsor.  Thank you to all the Caldwell staff and volunteers that helped host a terrific relays!!   A very special thank you to the Bluejay Backers and Kimmy Hagar for putting on a wonderful hospitality room!