MS Math Relays Results

The Caldwell Middle School math relays team traveled to West Elk on Tuesday, October 24.  The eight schools competing were: Caldwell, Cedar Vale, Dexter, Flinthills, Sedan, South Haven, Udall, and West Elk.  Medals were awarded for the top three spots.  Points were awarded to the top five spots in individual divisions and to the top six team divisions.  West Elk won the math relays and Flinthills earned runner-up in the overall division.

Individuals placing in the top ten for Caldwell were as follows:

6th Grade

Kasen Clark – 4th in Decimals, 5th in Integers, 7th in Potpourri

Mieka Cooper – 4th in Potpourri, 8th in Charts & Graphs

Adley Mayo – 2nd in Word Problems, 3rd in Decimals

Miles Newell – 7th in Percents

Kylee Reilly – 7th in Charts & Graphs

Robert Willard – 6th in Mental Math, 9th in Multiplication

 7th Grade

Jacey Brown – 4th in Mental Math, 8th in Charts & Graphs

Allorah Caruthers – 9th in Mental Math

Kyzer Hutsler – 6th in Order of Operations, 10th in Integers

Miles Newell – 10th in Geometry

Teagan Thompson – 6th in Integers, 10th in Fractions

8th Grade

Sam Eaton – 7th in Probability & Statistics

Debra Halbert – 5th in Probability & Statistics, 5th in Order of Operations

Tatum Lee – 8th in Equations, 9th in Order of Operations

Brody Perkins – 7th in Mental Math, 9th in Fractions

The team composed of Adley, Mieka, and Robert placed 2nd in the 6th grade team test.  The team composed of Teagan, Allorah, and Kyzer placed 5th in the 7th grade team test.  The team composed of Brody, Sam, and Alexis Carroll placed 3rd in the 8th grade team test.  Matrix Eames, Lexie Reilly, and Christian Welzel also participated.


The sponsor for the group is Kate Barnes.  Mrs. Barnes would like to send a very special thank you to Ted Cladinos for driving the students to West Elk.

6th grade participants: Kylee Reilly, Miles Newell, Lexie Reilly, Matrix Eames, Mieka Cooper, Adley Mayo, Kasen Clark, Robert Willard, Christian Welzel

7th and 8th grade participants: Sam Eaton, Tatum Lee, Brody Boone, Alexis Carroll, Jacey Brown, Allorah Caruthers, Debbie Halbert, Teagan Thompson, Kyzer Hutsler