Senior Showcase~Day 7 Final Day

Destiny Diane Clark plans to move to Illinois over the summer.  She is still undecided what her future plans are.

“Destiny has such a sweet soul.  I wish her luck in whatever she chooses to do.”~ Ms. Kyane Berline, Computer Ed

“Destiny has overcome a lot of obstacles.  We really admire that here.”~Mr. Kevin Schmidt, Principal

“I would like to wish Destiny great things wherever her journey leads.”~Mrs. Kelly Nance, Counselor

Flurence Andrew Scott LaPage will be returning to Sedan upon graduation.  His plans are to work in game development and testing.

“Andrew walks everywhere he goes with a purpose.”~Mr. Kevin Schmidt, Principal

“He has been a nice addition to the class and wish him congratulations on his accomplishments.”~Mrs. Kelly Nance, Counselor

“I really enjoyed having Andrew as my preschool aide this year. The students really liked him and he was a big help. He came out of his shell a lot this year and is a nice young man. I’m eager to see what his future holds.”~Mrs. Stacy Roop, PreK Teacher