Public Notice~From the District Office





With the beginning of the spring sports season, an area of concern at the district sports complex has been brought to the attention of the school district.   USD 360 staff members as well as Caldwell recreation coaches have noticed more and more dogs being allowed to run loose at the complex, which in turn has led to an overabundance of dog feces left on the practice fields creating an unhealthy environment for those using the facility.    


Use of the athletic fields for track and field practices as well as soccer and softball/baseball practices involves daily use by over 150 students.  Feces left on the fields creates a health and safety issue for these students.   Therefore as of April 17, 2017, dogs will no longer be allowed inside the athletic field complex.  Signs will be posted and the “no dogs” rule will be enforced by the district. Non-compliance may lead to consideration of trespassing with the involvement of law enforcement. There will be an exception for service dogs with signs being posted to that effect.  


We regret any inconvenience this new rule may cause, but the health and safety of our kids is our main concern. We will appreciate your assistance in helping to make our sports complex a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren to play and practice sports.  


Administration, staff, school board and recreation board members have been apprised of the issue and everyone will be working together to address the problem.   We kindly request the Caldwell community’s respect and support in our efforts to keep the athletic fields clean and healthy for our children.